the black balloon

the black balloon

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Roma Mitchell Secondary College
Year 11 ESL – Assessment Task
Aqeleh Nazari  Due Date: 4/8/2015

Topic: Formal oral presentation analysing the dynamics of the Mollison family from Black Balloon from one of the characters’ viewpoints.

Black Balloon

My name is Thomas Mollison, I’m 16 years old and I’m a student in high school. My family consists of my mum Maggie Mollison and my dad Simon Mollison and my older brother Charlie. I really love my family. My dad is in army and my mum is a pregnant and Charlie is a student in a special school. I’m caring of my adult brother and I always support him because he is a disabled person. Firstly I won’t tell anyone that I have a disable brother because I felt embarrassed and ashamed, he always embarrass me and the people around us but I loved him always as a brother. As a living with a disability is very hard you have to be responsible person you need to be take care of him every moment and needs to learn their language to can communication with them, also you need to know what is their foiled to able control them in hard moments. Living with adult disability is much more harder than live with child with disability the most important part of problems is their puberty. They are same as ability people they have their puberty they have their feeling they can in love with their heterosexual. My girlfriend is Jackie I’ve tried to hide Charlie from her but I couldn’t.

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