The Blah Ish of Fish

The Blah Ish of Fish


-TLW define special education
-TLW review the categories of exceptionality found in the federal law know as IDEA
-TLW analyze various court cases that have helped shape field of special education


Miscarriage is a spontenuous abortion of a child that suffers a horrible problem inside the womb.

13: disability categories- one has to be present to receive special education

Developmentall delayed
EMOTIONAL BEHAVIORAL DISABILITY - in order for a child to receive special education people need to be diagnosed with a disorder
Speech or language impairment
orthopedically impairment
-other health impaired
-specific learning disability- dyslexia, discalculia, disgraphia
-intellectual disability- IQ 2% below 70% IQ -post natal head trauma
-homogenous disorders -> all the same symptoms are consistent
-multible disabilities
-hearing imparitment/deafness
-visually impairment/blindness
-autism -not a high incident disability but vastly becoming one
-sub types of autism - Rett Syndrome > impacts girls only
-traumatic brain injury

-Giftedness is an exceptionality - you dont have to provide to gifted kids. PA does though.

Define special education: Special education is a civil right
-child is now considered a minority

-Specially designed instruction
An accommodation for special ed students: Extended time, Different scene for test, modification of test instead of 4 answers theres 3 answers. Regular student: 5 page paper, special student: 3 page papers.

-Provided to students with disabilities and exceptionalities
1. The student has to be identified as a student with disability
2. It must have a negative impact on your school work
^^ Must have these two to get special treatment.

-At no cost to the parents:
FAPE: Free Appropriate Public Education
Average state cost per student a year: $9000
Average state cost...

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