the book Room

the book Room

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Inside World Versus Outside World
The book “Room” is centered around A five year-old boy named Jack and his mom, Ma. The two are trapped in a shed in their captors backyard. Old Nick, the captors nickname, captured ma 7 years prior to the beginning of the story. Inside of Room, Jack seems like a normal boy who has an overactive imagination, though its obvious that he is different from the other children when he is finally freed from Room.

In the novel room by Emma Donoghue Room, we see how Jack and Ma lived before and after the events of Room. Ma, who is 26 has been locked in room since she was 19, and Jack, who is 5, has been in room his whole life. Once they escape from room and their captor, Old Nick, they are taken to a rehab to help them adapt with the current state of the world and eventually escape.

Jack is a five year old boy who relates inanimate objects to actual living things, and refers to them as a singular object. He has been trapped in a room with his mom, ‘Ma’ his whole life. He was born in it. His mom, or ‘Ma’ makes food and creates games for them both, and are visited by a mysterious man named ‘Old Nick’ nightly. Not much is known about who he is or why they are trapped inside of Room.

Ma and Jack go through their daily routine today. They play games together, make breakfast, lunch, and dinner, take a bath together, do some phys. Ed. Exercises, and draw. Jack is also given his half hour of TV. Jack plays with castle, a small toy building made out of medicine bottles, and eggsnake, a long snakelike ‘toy’ that was created from broken eggshells and homemade glue.

In the beginning of ‘Living’, Jack is sent to Grandma and Steppas house until Ma recovers from her over dose. Jack can be seen sucking on Ma’s rotten tooth for the majority of the introduction and even later on in the book until he loses it. Jack spends the day with grandma and Steppa trying to put the hammock up, but gets...

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