The Boundless Potential of Jaw Crusher in Mechanical Sector

The Boundless Potential of Jaw Crusher in Mechanical Sector

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Although the jaw crusher develops well in China, however, there are some gaps existing compared with world advanced level. In the fierce market competition, the jaw crushers in China should strengthen innovation efforts, enhance product competitiveness and improve product quality so as to catch up with the world level and occupy international market. Various kinds of jaw crushers have been manufactured home & abroad. In the early years, the federal republic of Germany and USSR had researched the symons jaw crusher with the characteristic of adding the moving times so as to improve the output, while the starting of adjustment of layout; the symons overload protection is also equipped.

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Also the federal republic of Germany has manufactured impact jaw crusher grinding machine, while the USSR has manufactured the vibrating jaw crusher, which is also called inertia jaw crusher. Both of them drive the jaw to crush the material so as to enhance the performance of jaw crusher. Our country has a trail of impact jaw crusher, but it was stopped because of some reasons. German Democratic Republic has manufactured a jaw crusher with two cavities. U.S. has made the two pendulum cavities jaw crusher.

A designing institute has invented two cavities with two moving jaws crusher, which improves the working efficiency and lowered the load of crushers with a lighter crusher. All of this various jaw crushers has made some sound effects and boosted the crusher industry with high technology signature. The modern design methods cooperated with the machinery manufacturing craft are put into use. From each country’s research and invention of jaw...

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