The Boy in the Striped Pyjama

The Boy in the Striped Pyjama

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1. The live in Berlin

 In Berlin they lived in a wonderful mansion.

 They lived there for 9 years.

 Karl, Daniel and Martin are the best friends of Bruno.

 Because of the very special Job ob Bruno’s father, they have to move.
• Mother says, it’s a very important job, “A job that needs a very special man.

2. The New House

 It´s exact the opposite of their old home.

• The new house, however, stood all on it´s own in an empty, desolate place and there were no other houses anywhere to be seen, which meant, there are no other families around and no other boys to play with.

3. Some days after the Moving

 Bruno sees the „Farm“ for the first time, but he can´t see any chickens, pigs, sheep or ducks.

 Bruno talks with father!

• Of Bruno’s Question: “who are all those people outside”
• His father answered: “ Ah, those people, well, they´re not people at all, Bruno!

4. One month after the Moving

 How Mother took credit for something that she hadn’t done.

• Bruno thought to make a swing, but than he had an accident.
Nobody of his family was at home only Pavel, the waiter, who helped him find the tyre, for his swing!

 Bruno talks with Pavel

• Pavel carried Bruno across the lawn and back towards the house, takes him into the kitchen and settling him on one of the wooden chairs.
Bruno is scared, that he might bleed to death, but Pavel said him that he is not going to bleed to death.
• Bruno doesn’t want to believe, that Pavel is/was a doctor, because if he is a doctor, why is he waiting on tables?
• After a while the mother arrived.
When Bruno left the room he hear mother saying thank you to Pavel.
Before he goes upstairs he can hear mother say “If the Commandant asks, we’ll say that I cleaned Bruno up.”

5. Fathers Congratulation

 The father was now to be addressed as “Commandant”

• Grandfather is very proud of his son
• Grandma is the only one who seemed unimpressed.

• This is the...

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