The Brief Introduction to Cone Crusher Internal Structure

The Brief Introduction to Cone Crusher Internal Structure

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It will be helpful for operating or choosing a cone crusher if we are able to understand the Cone crusher's internal structure,this paper gives brief introduction.

1. Rack is rigid frame wall with openings above and below which is used as a support to the eccentric shaft and withstand the crushing material reaction.It requires sufficient strength and stiffness and generally integrally casting with cast steel, it can be replaced as quality cast iron for small Crusher. Mainframe rack required sub cast,then firmly linked together as a whole with bolt. The rack which is casted with thick steel plates can also be used for small cone crusher , but it has less rigidity.

2. Fixed jaw and moving jaw are both composed with jaw bed and jaw plate, jaw plate is the working part and is fixed with iron bolts and wedges on the jaw bed. The jaw bed of fixed jaw is the anterior wall of the rack, A moving jaw bed hanging on the walls and should have sufficient strength and rigidity to withstand the crushing force, most of which are steel or cast iron so.

3. Eccentric spindle axis is the spindle of a crusher which have great bending-torsion as manufactured with high-carbon steel.Eccentric parts need to be finish machining, heat treated and the bearing pouring with babbitt alloy. Eccentric shaft mounted pulley at one end and install flywheel the other end.

4. Control device has wedge block type, pads type and hydraulic type,etc.,in which wedge block type is generally used, composed of two block wedge in front and back.the front one can moves frontward or backward, resisted the back pushed board; the back wedge block is for adjusting and can mobile up and down with screw arbor and control the size of discharging gate.However the discharge gate of small cone crusher is controlled by increasing or decreasing the number of pad between the pedestal and rack.
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