The Buyer Decision Process

The Buyer Decision Process

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Marketing Management Coursework 2007/8
Assignment B:
Undertanken in interview with a consumer on the subject of their favourite possessions and/or experiences that they have paid for ( including details of the amount spent on there goods/ expeiences). Using consumer theory illusgtrate how relevant theories explain the match between these objects / experiences and the consumer's identity. You should include demographic details such as age, occupation and income and well as asking questions to build up the psychographic profile of the consumer.

Your essay must be based on a careful rebiew of relevant literature (textbooks, scholarly books and academic articles.) Your are strongly advised to read widely around the topic and make full use of library resources. There are many books in the library which examine consumer behaviour and consumption.

Consumer is who are buying for their own and for their family's comsumption. In this case, Eunice is going to play in this role. From the interview, we can know that Enice is interested in shopping and updating her life style. Of course, that should be relate to her age and occupation. For a university student, what they aim is to follow the fashion and try to get know of the fresh products. Currently, Unice spent 299 pounds on her new Ipod Touch. This product is launching into the market recently, which brings with a new technological function.

The buyer decision process

Ipod is a brand which is under a large group of people's favor, especially for the young people. Interviewee asked, "Why you would like choose to buy Ipod touch?" There is several reason for her to do this purchasing. Firstly, she likes the artribute of the New Ipod Touch; Secondly, she have been searched those kind of technology product for a long time. Thirdly, New Ipod Touch brings with a new fresh feeling comes to her mind. Based on those reasons, that we can relate to the factors which influence her buying decision. "Problem recognition...

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