The Capulet

The Capulet

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Friday 19th September 2008 Amy White 10CC

Family Structures

Maggie Will Jasmine Dave

Margret Ben Edna John

This family type is called Reconstituted Family (known as Step Family). A Reconstituted Family is when there is a child in the family which is the natural child of one parent but no the other. Reconstituted Families are joined by marriage.

Some of the problems what will arise in a Reconstituted Family:
- The children of one parent may not like the other children.
- The children who already lived their may not want to share their house.
- The children who don’t live their might not want to move.
- Can cause children’s friendship to disappear as they may live in a new area.
- The children may not like their new step parent.

These are some of the disadvantages that the children on of Reconstituted Family might experience:
- Not seeing their other parent as much.
- May cause the real parents of the child not to see each other any more.
- Child may feel depressed as they may think it’s their fault of the split.
- It’s hurtful and confusing time for the family.
- Have too change a lot of things e.g. house, area you live in, new family.

Some Of The Advantages:
- Children get a chance in a different lifestyle
- Children get too meet other children (friends)
- Families grow
- Can change parents lives for the better
- Enjoy living with the step family more than you did your natural family

The way family structures may change as the couple don’t get on with each other, change their sexualities, pass away or even think it’s the best way to deal the situation.

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