The Cat 1

The Cat 1

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The swing was rocking under the old tree branches; some dry autumn leaves where being blown away by the southern wind while a ginger cat with vivid green eyes was sited in a chair. He was staring at the devastated tree house and the rope that could have been used to get to it.

He suddenly entered the house, it was a complete disaster. Everything had a thick layer of dust, the ceiling was covered in spider webs, the windows where broken. Many little glass pieces where shattered on the floor. The cat started to scratch a pink ripped carpet near the fireplace, or what was left of it.

The morning came, and with it, a couple of newlyweds and a real state agent.
-“The house is really old and deteriorated” Jackson said
-“But with proper restoration it could be wonderful!” Sarah replied.

Meanwhile Thomas (the agent), was telling them about the good quality of the house and how well preserved the foundations are.

Tom was showing them the house, but although it was noon, it was really creepy. An eerie felling was all around the hallways and the bedrooms, the stairs cracked, the wallpaper was falling apart and the doorknobs got stuck at first when you tried to open their respective door.

Anyone would have said that it was a really strange place to live in, it had an awkward felling. Sarah thought that it was because they where used to live in the city and the country felt like that. Jackson was completely skeptical about buying such a horrible and disastrous house. Suddenly the ginger cat passed between their legs and went thru a pet door, then, they went into the room where the cat had entered. It was a beautiful country-style decorated room, all the furniture was made of oak and it had artisan woodcuts. The central piece was a magnificent bed; its sheets had embroided flowers, in fact, it was the only place in the house that was comfy, it felt warm and welcoming.

Thomas was desperate to sell that house, so he suggested that they could stay for a...

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