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The Cat

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Lance Harley February 27, 2008

Civil Rights Events (1900-2008)

America went threw a bunch of civil rights events from (1900-2008). The purpose of these Civil right events were to create equality threw out the country and threw out the world. The civil rights events that I will be writting about are going to be two major events which accrued in the United States during the sixties. The civil rights events made a big impact on not only African American lives but to everyone that was apart of the movements in the sixties

Freedom Rides, 1961
The activists who had led these sit-ins formed the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee in 1960. The SNCC used a tactic called freedom rides in 1961 which activists traveled by bus through the Deep South to integrate seating patterns and desegregate bus terminals, as required by federal law. The jailed freedom riders were treated harshly, crammed into tiny, filthy cells and beaten. Eventually, public sympathy and support for the freedom riders forced the Kennedy administration to order the Interstate Commerce Commission to issue a new desegregation order. When the new ICC rule took effect on November 1st, passengers were permitted to sit wherever they pleased on the bus, "white" and "colored" signs came down in the terminals, separate drinking fountains, toilets, and waiting rooms were enforced, and the lunch counters began serving people regardless of skin color.

March on Washington 1963
Philip Randolph had scheduled a march on Washington in 1941 for elimination of employment discrimination the march was called of when Roosevelt issued the Fair Employment Act. There was a second march in 1962 which was planed by Randolph and Bayard Rustin. King and Roosevelt tried calling it off but was still was healed on August 28, 1963. Unlike the first march the second march included all of the major civil rights organizations, the more progressive wing of the labor movement, and other liberal organizations. There...

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