The centrifugal oil filter machine and the oil press equipment

The centrifugal oil filter machine and the oil press equipment

´╗┐Oil equipment fixed axis is mainly fixed pressing chamber, guarantee the pressing chamber are produced in the operation especially in the case of load stress and tension can not make good consumption

Squeezed oil pressing chamber scattered, palm oil millbut there are a lot of families mentioned use oil press equipment appear this kind of problem, but I don't know is what reason, specific analysis below us.

Suspicion and confusion at the same time, all of us our zhengzhou penguins oil press equipment manufacturer experts have to list the problem and the solution

.First fixed axis screw fly out is certainly under tension and the tension is too large beyond its scope, the second is in its own quality problems, such as high temperature forging

Process, or to use high strength wire but by ordinary screw.The third is the pressing chamber itself is not smooth, also is the fundamental problem of the main, because the tensile strength of the fixed frame

Mainly comes from the tension, the pressing chamber if pressing chamber can guarantee in smooth smooth, not smooth out the oil, and the situation in cake, air productis sure to produce too much tension

On a fixed pressing chamber device, this time is beyond the scope of screw under will be pulled out, even fly out.

Know the problem, to solve this problem is something.Remove oil equipment comprehensive first, after we squeeze the strands of bread and a little thin

Sand into the press began to fine grinding, until the whole pressing chamber working smoothly.Moreover is about our fixed pressing chamber shelf and fixed axis adopt under more pressure

Bearing steel, or by using high temperature forging process to deal with the screw and screw, so it will take all the above problem is solved.

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