The Change in My Life

The Change in My Life

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My life has changed over the past three years. My Freshman and the beginning of my sophomore year, consisted of getting in trouble, ditching school, and accepting a completely apathetic attitude towards my education. This has chanfged however, because of a few factors. One of these was NovaNET. With NOvaNETĀ“s help, I have raised my GPA from the mid one point range to the high three point range. I also discovered that I was not unintelligent, but I just needed to apply myself in the right areas.

I started my highschool career with little motivation and many negitive outside influences. Over time, I began to care less and less about school, family, and my future. I became so bad that my parents had to take action. They sent me to a pregram for troubled teens, and there I began the rehabilitation of my education. For almost a year I did packets of schoolwork through an alternative school, but I still had little motivation. When I earned the privilage to go to a public school, I came to East Valley High School. Here I was put into a class for students who were behind and needed to catch up on credits. Mrs Wolferman was my teacher, and after listening to my struggles with monotonous packets of work, she came up with a solution for me, which was NovaNET.

Mrs. Wolferman set me up with my first program, Enviornmental Science. I breezed through this class. It was so engaging for me (after all of the paper packets I had been doing) I could not stop my progress once I had begun. IN my class, the typical student completes four classes per school year; I completes seven. This showed me that I was a truley inteligent young man and that I could excel past what I thought was possible. I began to care more and more about school and now, I have a high three point GPA, better than my previous one point GPA.

I have applied myself in school, taken collage prep cources, and I have been accepted to the University of Hawaii at Manoa, which I consider a great achievement. I plan...

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