The Change of Gay Rights

The Change of Gay Rights

Unit 3 Project: Choosing a Topic

For my final project I have chosen to research and explore the issues of homosexual rights. I have chosen this topic because I feel that it will be an influential part of the next ten years in our society. Already we have experienced instances in our history when a group has fought for their rights. I believe that the gays of the United States will be the next to have a movement for equal rights.

As we move toward the future, we are noticing that being equal is still not valid in a free country. Our Constitution as well as the Declaration of Independence talks of such things as equal rights for all who live in our land. Yet generation after generation, groups our forced to fight for their rights to be treated equally and to be able to have the same lives as others. It is now the homosexuals of our country to fight for theirs. Recently California passed a same sex marriage ban (Proposition 8). For the gay community this was a step backwards.

The good news for the homosexual community is that Democrats are now the majority of the house and are for the equal rights of gay (Advocate; 12/19/2006 Issue 977, p30-33) The democrats will be fighting for the rights of gays and this will not stop until they are out of office. This is partially why I believe that their will be drastic changes in the next 10 years for this topic.

While researching my topic I will most likely be using articles that have been published, and basically use the facts of these articles and provide additional information as to why this topic is the one that will most change in the next year. I already have help of articles in the Kaplan Library . One of the article includes: “The future of Gay” which touches on the “what if’s” of our past. (Advocate; 6/22/2004 Issue 917) It also talks about what the author thinks will be the future for the gay community. Another article that I found was called “Gay marriage Debates move into the Workplace”. This...

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