The Changing of the Times

The Changing of the Times

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It’s evident that the times have changed. People have changed. The once

hippy, peaceful we don’t want war generation has turned in to the say how

you feel so let’s go to war about it. I’m going to give you a few examples of

how our world is changing and has changed some for the good and better,

some for the not so good or better. Let’s go back to the year 1960. 1960 was a

very up beat time that just so happens to be the year my mother was born. 1965

is also the year 190,000 troops arrived in Vietnam. It was also the year that Dr.

Martin Luther King Jr had more that 2,600 people arrested in Selma, Alabama.

In 1965 there were a lot of great men and women living. This particular time

period is when young people such as me, were fighting for the right to eat in

the same restaurant. People were also rallying for peace. Economics was even

at an all-time low with a spending average of 118.23 billion for that year. In the

following year’s things got worst before they got better. The Vietnam War had

ended by the year 1975. President Gerald R. Ford however was in his own war.

He had been marked for assassination not once but twice. The world was now

using VHS/VCR’S. This was made possible by the Japanese. In the 1970 the

world saw it first president impeached. The population in the United States

had reached 215,973,199. Next is the year 1980. In 1980 Six US embassy aids

escape from Iran with Canadian help. By the time 1990 had rolled around the

United States had already seen two wars. In 1995 there was a war within the

United States. The LAPD stopped and beat a man in the middle of the street

because he was black. This event caused uproar. This Not only caused

confusion in the African American community but also around the United

States. People all over the U.S. watch as angry Californians rallied and

protested. This event set us up only for more failure. In the year 1998 things

had calmed...

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