The Charactherisation of a Leader

The Charactherisation of a Leader

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1. the characterization of a person
Always between two destinations, dedicated, expresive, impulsive, agresive, detailist, minutios, perfectionist, in need of attention and power.
That’s probably he can be described at the first sight, but his dominant characteristic are agresivity, impulsivness and perfectionist.
• which mistakes does he makes
the way he is playing with the subordonates and colegues, trying to make them compete one with the other. The agresivity found in the way he is speaking and acting sometimes.
His maine characteristic from the “DISC” is DOMINANT and followed by INITIATIVE.
• personal type elements:
a. the willingness of comanding the others he is becoming agresive, he makes stress, and skilful in inciting his subordonates
b. he takes the initiative to resolve problems in difficult and calm periods
c. the analitical part gives him the posibility of seeing solutions where others don not

2. what is the impact to the organization
• positive
 involvment in new projects (his area of leading is often the pivot for testing new programs and creating them, new applications)
 developing programs in training sales person best
 wants things to be done right
• negative
 his agresivity is making people (colegues and subordonates) not respecting him, thing that creates conflicts
 he has different balances for different people, this creates dissatisfactions throw his subordonates

3. Lessons learned (What do you learn from him)
• positive
 Paying attention to details in order to excel in what you are doing
 Do not be affraind of new
 Give a chance to the one that no one did
• negative
 Do not be agresive even if someone has a different point of view
 Do not forget that you are human not machine
 Do not evaluate people taking in consideration only the actions that you see

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