The Chrysalids

The Chrysalids

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CHAPTER ELEVEN ' The Chrysalids

1a) David attributes the low deviational rate to the fact that whenever there was a deviation they would be killed off/burnt in a second leading to a better season.

b) Old Jacob attributes the low deviational rate to the fact that god has given everyone one last chance. He admitted that divine displeasure was in abeyance for the time being.

2) Petra’s ability to project creates danger for the group because the distress signal that she sends out is very strong and blocks out the rest of them from communicating. For one it is so strong that they lose all sense, and could harm themselves. Also, because they cant communicate with eachother as Petra sends out the distress signal they would all end up in the same place at once which is something they don’t want as if someone spotted that they would become suspicious.

6a) I agree to this statement to an extent. I feel that they are normal kids/teenagers that are not really forms of blasphemies just because of their gift. They havent caused harm to any of the people that live in Waknuk nor do they intend to. However, because of them actions have to be taken that are killing/harming others even if it was not done by them. For example, Alan has to be killed inorder to keep the secret of the telepathic powers a secret.

b) The thought shapes are used to communicate between the other people who have the power to receive. A limit to this gift is that there is a range and they can only communicate with people in a certain area.

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