The City Multicultural of North Vancouver

The City Multicultural of North Vancouver


“The City of North Vancouver and it attributes that make this one of the greatest places in the world”

The City of North Vancouver is a waterfront municipality located in the province of British Columbia, Canada; it is separated from Vancouver by the Burrard Inlet. It is the smallest of the three North Shore municipalities with 11.95km², and the most urbanized as well with a population of 45.000 people and a density of 3.700/km². Otherwise it has significant industry of its own, including shipping, chemical production, and film production and it's known by it singular quality of life, the healthiest city in Canada, with 45 public parks and lots of green areas. It is surrounded on three sides by the District of North Vancouver.

Statistics are clear and reflect the habitants characteristics, for illustration, the age average of all the 45.000 habitants is 40 years old, what reveals a “non-young” population compared with near communities, such as The District of North Vancouver and The City of Vancouver. As well as of the 10,735 couple families that live in this area, 5,675 live without children at home and also 8,450 of more than 40.000 householders are solitary residents, which is another unexpected fact that shows that even as a community with high age average, is not just a family neighbourhood, is what we might call a great “mix”. Moreover 34% of the population is formatted by immigrants. As we can see the well known “Canadian Multiculturalism” is strongly present in the City of North Vancouver too.

The City of North Vancouver is renowned as an essential commercial centre, an important transportation hub, as well as an economy in intense development, made by a population of hard workers. 71% of the residents 15 years of age and over are in the Labour Force. Of that total 93% are employed and 7% are unemployed. Of all these workers, 26.4% have job in the Sales and Services Area and another...

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