The Color Purple

The Color Purple

Clip from the wizard of Oz

TITLE: If only I had a Heart
NAME: Glenda Hamlett
COURSE: Introduction to Films
INSTRUCTOR: Benjamin Daw
DATE: March 11, 2013


There are three directors to this film, they are Victory Fleming, Mervyn LeRoy and King Vedor.
Victory Fleming came into motion pictures as a combination driver, stunt man at the flying studio in Santa Barbara, California in the year of 1912, he had several jobs like a bicycle mechanic, taxi driver, auto mechanic and also a chauffeur and auto salesman. He joined Neilan at knclem and he joined the Douglas Fairbanks unit at triangle, he worked under Dwan and John Emerson. He had quite a few pictures. Fleming took over the wizard of oz from Richard Thorpe in October of 1938 but then he took over David Selznick troubled production of Gone with the wind. He was married on September 26 1933 and died January 6 1949, he was 59 years old, and he had two kids in the marriage.
Mervyn LeRoy he directed musicals, social realism and religious epic. He merely produced the enduring “The Wizard of Oz”(1939) he won Oscar for his documentary short subject. In 1975 he won Irving Thalberg Memorial Award for career achievements, he died in 1997 of Alzheimer’s disease.
King Vidor, he was born February 1894 in Galveston TX and he passed away on November 1, 1982. His wife was Elizabeth, Hill Vidor they had two children and divorced him remarried to Florence Vidor he was the president of the screen director’s guild (1936 – 1938).
The art Director is Sebastian Giacobins but not much was posted on him
The other art director is Maurenilson , he was born in Brazil, Fortaleza C.E.
He started drawing at the age of seven he believed that...

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