The Common Failures and Solutions of Hydraulic Cone Crusher

The Common Failures and Solutions of Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Cone crusher work due to the moving cone grinding, and inadequate spring pressure often appear all sorts of fault, our experts through many years of practical experience is summarized the several common failure and analyze all kinds of fault causes and solutions. So today we will talk about something about them.

The common failures and solutions of hydraulic cone crusher are as follows:

1. Cooler doesn't work, or very little, the reason may be there is no lack of cooling or water cooling system congestion, solution: open the watergate, normal water supply, check the water pressure table, clean the cooler.

2. Back to the oil temperature is too high ( 60 ℃), root cause analysis: the eccentric shaft sleeve friction surface harmful friction, bearing don't work properly or insufficient oil groove section, jams, solution: stop oil supply, cooling system, the friction surface, clean.

3. In the water, oil, oil in water, failure analysis: cooling water pressure more than oil or cooler in individual pipes burst, water infiltration of oil by the solution: make the cooling water pressure is lower than the oil pressure 0.5 k/cm., check that the cooler water connection is leaking.

4. Drive shaft rotation is not uniform, the voice is not normal, pulley rotation and dynamic cone, root cause analysis: cone gear tooth defect installation, operation of drive shaft axial clearance, pulley, or excessive wear or damage to the gear, broken key damage or break things lead to shaft solution: stop in gear, meshing clearance of correction or replacement of the spindle, strengthen the iron removal system.

5. Heat pump, the pump is too large or medium oil concentration caused by the oil temperature is too low, can be solved through such means as in thin oil or heating.

6. Oil pump can work normally but low oil pressure display, the cause of the failure may be the suction pipe plugging, oil pump gear wear or pressure gauge damage showed no, etc., can be cleaned by tubing,...

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