The Communications Industry

The Communications Industry

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The communications industry
The principal organizations

The role and relationships in the principal organizations
The Client = Advertiser
Centralized Organizational System
Decentralized Organizational System
In-house Agencies
Media is mass communication such as TV, radio, newspapers.

Advertising Agencies
As if to emphasise the above point about differentiation, and despite the move into strategic planning, agency marketing activity is regarded by many as inadequate.
Types of Advertising Agencies
Full Service
Hot Shops / Creative Boutiques
Media Independents (Buying & Selling)
A La Carte
New Media

Agency brief
May include:

type of product/service
key benefits
marketing environment
communication objectives
target audience

Production & Support Companies

Public Relations
Sales Promotion
Interactive Agencies

Collateral Service Providers

marketing research
package design
video production
event marketing services
Relations in Marketing Communications

Advertising Remuneration
1. Commission
2. Fees
3. Payment by Results (PBR)
4. A Combination of the above approaches

The principal organizations in Luyuan(ebike brand name)
In the Luyuan Electric Vehicle Company, naturally the client is itself but it do not has really agencies, production and support companies, the reason is this company that has large-scale in the Chinese electric bike, itself can do products developed and production parts of bike even advertising planning. About media, it had sales promotion in CCTV at prime time. In addition, it also has official website to advertise itself.

Current Trends
The Marketing Communications Mix
Any paid form of non-personal communication about an organization, product, service, or idea by an identified sponsor.


cost-effective, particularly with large audiences
able to create images and symbolic...

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