The Concerns for a New Central Government

The Concerns for a New Central Government

Dear Fellow New Yorkers,

I'm here today to inform you that I understand your concerns about a new central government. I am aware that you fear this type of government because you believe that a new stronger central government would threaten your personal rights, give the President too much power allowing him the opportunity to become King, and ultimately turning the country into a monarchy. These fears are rightfully so not only to you but also to us federalist. Our mission is not to enslave the country through a monarchy, or to strip the citizens’ rights away. Our mission is to simply construct a stronger central government, protect our citizens and their rights, and to ensure some financial stability for our country.

To complete these tasks we need change. Change has to begin with revamping the Articles of Confederation. I know a lot of you feel a sense of outrage when I talk about changing the Articles of Confederation. I only ask for my fellow New Yorkers to give me the opportunity to show you that an improved government is what is called for.

Our proposed government (the Constitution) is going to endow many of the same responsibilities as the Articles of Confederation. A major focus under the new proposed government is to provide the central government the authority to collect taxes from the states without state interference. This does not allow the central government the authority to over tax the citizens due to their authority. Taxing will be controlled by a system called checks and balances. What is going to take place is that the new central government is going to be able to carry out their duties, such as collecting taxes from individual states to pay for a better national defense, without fighting with the states to comply.

Another issue the Constitution is going to address is the Separation of Powers. Since the Constitution is based on a more concrete centralized government, we feel that we need...

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