The Conflicts of This Book

The Conflicts of This Book

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Katlyn Robl
Independent read I
November 6, 2008

“The ambulance sirens came flooding down the street, it was parked in Kate’s driveway. She said to herself “ they must have gotten the wrong house” while staring at her driveway from Marilyn’s front yard. Kate then realized that her dad was being put into the ambulance. Her sister was calling her from the doorway of their house.” There are interesting parts of this book, which made me like it, but there are things I did not like about it also.

You can easily relate to the conflicts in this book. For example, Kate’s dad had a heart attack and had to go to the hospital. She was scared and upset, and she felt like it was her fault for putting too much pressure on her father. I also liked this book because there is a lot of conflict between the characters. For example, Kate and Marilyn, who are best friends. A new girl named Flannery moved into the neighborhood. She is a year older than them, but Marilyn and Flannery became good friends and Kate is feeling neglected by Marilyn. She didn’t like the fact that Marilyn became a popular cheerleader after becoming friends with Flannery.

Although I liked some things about this book, there are some things that I don’t like, such as the book seems somewhat young for my age group. It has too young of characters, probably around the age of twelve. They seem to act childish for their age, especially Kate. She still likes to play games from when she and Marilyn were younger. Another reason I do not like this book is because of the character, Flannery. She is way too self- centered. She always brags about how she was really popular in her old school. She talks about how great of a cheerleader she was and how great she was in general. She would put other people down to feel better about herself.

This book is a good book, but it seems too young for my age group. If you like younger type books and if you like characters, such as Flannery, then you will...

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