The Cooking Monster

The Cooking Monster

Write an article for a television magazine in which you describe your ideas for a new television talent show.

A new television talent show has emerged recently! Experts are informing us that this show will have a huge effect on people’s life style. It’s called “The Cooking Monster”.

Recently there has been a enormous increase in talent shows on television. “Britain’s got Talent”, “American Idol”, “The X factor”, “Idolos” (Portuguese show) etc. People find it funny to watch the show, and have a little laugh at bad performers, and also love to be amazed by incredible performers.

Since talent shows have a variety of different ‘emotions’, it can attract a variety of audience: People who like to laugh, people who enjoy watching new singers imerge and also people who like judging people performance. All these people watch talent shows, and this includes an enormous age difference. Even your 4 year old child will love it!

Its name has origin from a very famous television show called “The Cookie Monster”. Doesn’t this remind you of when you were a child?

The cooking monster is a talent show aimed at teaching people how to cook with very simple ingredients. It starts off with having 10 contests and each round, they are giving a very limited amount of money. Each round a person is eliminated, until the very end. The winner, not only has learned many new cooking skills, but also has the experience of cooking an exotic meal for the queen of England.

“I am very exited about this new show, and I hope that whoever wins, cooks me the best meal of my life. I have spoken to the owner of this talent show and he seems very enthusiastic about making this new show!” commented the queen of England, who we interviewed yesterday.

The only prize isn’t just cooking a meal for the queen of England. Also, you are awarded one hundered thousand euros! You also leave the place with lots of fun experiences plus a chance to be on television.

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