The Cosmetics

The Cosmetics

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Creative brief

1. Background:
Brand name: More (Our product could give customers more wonderful experience. To make them easy remember our brand and have a desire to buy our lipstick. )
Product: Lipstick
Brand image: sexy, alluring, fashion
Competitor: L’ Oreal

In today everything are focus on eco-friendly. Certainly include cosmetics. Cosmetics have a lot of Chemical Composition. The cosmetics customers nowadays prefer the eco products. As a lipstick brand, we notice that customers more like the natural element within our products. So, for our target market, the young fashion lady in shanghai, our company want to send the message of natural, vivid, and fantastic.

2. The objective and purpose of ad:
Our objective is to stimulate our sales directly and promote our products. According to our paint ad and TV ad, to push our target customer to think more about the natural styles, the vivid effect , to think about our new product, to have the desire to buy our new product.

3. Target audience:
Age: 20~30
Gender: female
Location: Shanghai
Education level: middle cultural background
For example, university students, junior college student and so on.
Income level: middle income
Marital status: the target group between 20 to 30, more of them is student.
Therefore, the proportion of unmarried heavier
Geographic location: populous sown town

30. Lifestyle
Social conscious

20-30 hobbies or sports
Watching TV
Reading magazine

4. The most important thing we want to say:
Make customers feel confidence, sexy, young, alluring and
fashion, and make their lives lives more vivid and wonderfu
5. …….

6. Mandatory elements, helpful information & insights:...

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