The Couple Who Are Odd

The Couple Who Are Odd

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The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple directed by Gene Saks and produced by Howard W. Koch was a hilarious movie. Both Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau make a great comical duo. The movie starts where Felix Unger (played by Jack Lemmon) is thrown out of his house by his divorce-bound wife Francis. Feeling devastated Felix roams the streets of New York thinking of committing suicide before descending to the apartment of his best friend Oscar Madison (played by Walter Matthau). Being Felix’s best friend and poker buddy which includes Vinnie (played by John Fiedler), Ray (played by David Sheiner), Speed (played by Larry Haines) and Murray the police-man (played by Herbert Edelman), Oscar allows Felix to move in.

But within a few days they both become each others worst nightmare. There are many differences between the duo for one Oscar is a sports writer who’s a total slob, with week old bananas; he has food three weeks old food sitting in his refrigerator and he hasn't cleaned his apartment since he moved in, while Felix is a editor for the news who’s a neat freak, constantly vacuuming, dusting and polishing the house. But both have one similarity they are both divorced men.

One of the funniest parts in the movie is when Felix and Oscar eat at a Dinner. Felix starts getting his allergy symptoms and starts making weird noises, everyone at the Dinner stares at them as if they were freaks. Eventually Felix moves out of Oscar’s place and for a short while stays with the upstairs neighbors the Pigeon sisters (played by Monica Evans and Carole Shelley). I’d give this movie a 41/2 out of five. The music played by Neal Hefti went great along with the movie. I recommend this movie to children ages ten and up only because there’s a scene with dancers and there are a few curses in the movie but overall the movie was great.

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