The Crap[

The Crap[


Jay Park
Social Studies A4
Mr. .Kirkwood

The time in the Renaissance were different compared to Middle Ages. People were

Individual for themselves in the Renaissance, and more skeptical. To be interested in a
project and being well rounded were also considered important. The Flemish painter
Hans Memling of German origin had been the most important exponent of the artistic
developments in the southern Netherlands 15 century. His life was mostly a Renaissance
man, influenced by many stylists and had Nether land Pupils. However, he had mentioned some middle age values in his techniques. Thus, living in Renaissance society
made him completely devoted into religion, he used high quality art and was strongly
influenced among others to be successful in his career. Hans Memling’s life were
showing mixture of techniques of both medieval and renaissance values.

As a German origin, he lived in a Renaissance period showing intermixed styles of art. He was outgoing in southern Netherlands that it didn’t differ customary to 15 century
People. He was Talented by achieving his own style of learning by which he was using German techniques. He was the first known south Netherlands artist to set a portrait against a landscape background. However, his both techniques had a lot of influence in his career that Memling differently used both styles unlike other painters, and have been schooled in a place called Cologne. In 1465 he settled in Bruges, establishing a large shop and altarpieces related to religion. In Renaissance period, there were many middle class guilds that existed like in middle Ages but he didn’t join in after life, except he just experienced to enter training in a studio as a Journeyman to a Master when he was young. He continued to develop his own style, painted in secular places, which became Successful being listed among the wealthiest citizens on the city tax accounts. This Establishment in the Renaissance...

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