The Creasion of Multiculturalism in Canada

The Creasion of Multiculturalism in Canada

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How and why did Canada come to have a policy of official multiculturalism in 1971?

Ever since the discovery of Canada, the country had been devoloping itself in a diversified ethnic environment. There was no doubt that Canada had the most diversified background people among all other countries. Canada went through more than one stages of cultural policy; however, multiculturalism has been raised and kept up to current. Multiple factors played roles in pushing multiculturalism into reality; however, the key reasons that contributed to the creation of Multiculturalim Policy in 1971 of Canadian history came from social, economic and historical factors. In most cases, these factors cooperated with one another in contexts which can hardly trace back to a single factor.

First of all, the social pressure from a wide variety of immigrants with different cultural background played a main role of creation of Multiculturalism Policy. Initally, the multiculturalism was raised at 1930s, however, the act was not successfully passed as the government wanted to assimulated immigrants into one culture of British Empire and the timing was not mature for bringing up the policy. Some people were worried about the multiculturalism would weaken the nationl unity, where as some people claimed that multiculturalism could strengthen the cultural bond of different ethnic groups. As more and more immigrants with diversified ethnics and racials came to Canada, more problems were created not only among the people but also raised to the national wide control over the people. For some people who were racists and did not prefer to have interactial marriages such as the Angles, it would be hard to convert or assimulate them with the tradiational Canadian cultures. In addition, the Indians had strong resistance towards becoming the Canadian and did not want to be part of Canadian society.[1] This deep resent attitude was founded earlier due to Canadian government not being able to...

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