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Hypothesis: Is fair trade an efficient away to diminish global inequality?

What is global inequality?

Global inequality is unfairness between countries. It means that the world has two parts the rich and the poor. Global inequality occurs because of poverty in countries. For example the MEDC’s is richer than LEDC’s, figures prove this is that in Kenya (LEDC’s) more infants die before there first birthday 7.5% and in MEDC’s it only 0.6%.this is because the MEDC’s have more health services, they have the latest technology to help them and the LEDC’s have nothing. There are many countries who are victims of global inequality. The causes of global inequality are colonialism, multi-national companies, trade and debt determines a countries wealth in negative or positive way. Mostly the third world countries stay poor because of these factors. This is Global inequality.

Over many years academics have tried to explain why Global Inequality still exists today in all parts of the world with millions of people living in poverty despite there’re government hard work especially in third world countries.

What is colonialism (cause of global inequality)?

Colonialism is the exploitation by powerful countries take control of weaker and poorer countries. When this occurs the rich countries become greedy and exploits the poor countries such as the LEDC’s, the MEDC’s take the resources and start to rule and empower the countries. However they are many advantages and disadvantages of colonialism. The advantages of this can be it can be good for a countries economy if the ruler has good intentions of expanding the countries and their economy and not exploiting the natural resources. The disadvantages are for example exploitation of one countries land like take the America (MEDC’s) taking the land of Ethiopia (LEDC’s) and start building factories, and then start exploiting the workers by making them work for longer hours for less pay just to make products for us. This...

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