The Dancers by Alberto Florentino (Complete)

The Dancers by Alberto Florentino (Complete)


Alberto S. Florentino

Tony, Nenita,
Mother, Juanito,
Father, Elena,
TIME: An early evening.

Before the Play will start the narrator will read: ( Lights are off, characters are in a freeze while the narrator reads)
Narrator: what is a family? Family are people in your life who you may be related to by blood, marriage, or choice, often for a lifetime (yours or theirs), who you hold dear and would generally do anything to help them when needed including making personal sacrifices, and whom you generally agree to accept no matter what they do. 
They may be someone you see daily or infrequently but the bond remains, and stands the test of time, distance, and overrides almost any challenges.
But what if your family suffers from poverty, a family composed of a father that does not work for his family a drunkard and irresponsible, and forces his daughters to dance in the cabaret in order to earn for a living and the mother cannot do anything but to cry out loud to God for what is happening with her family, with a younger brother who is still innocent but had experienced seeing what people do inside a cabaret entered the cabaret and saw a place of sin. 
It is a story drama written by Alberto Florentino. It is a story of an unfortunate family who suffers from hardships; it is a story of how a family is being ruined because of POVERTY. Ladies and Gentlemen THE DANCERS.

The front yard of a poor family's dwelling on the out-skirts of the city.
The backdrop shows the front of a house: a doorway, a wide low window, and three steps of adobe stones.
Two long wooden benches, one on each side. Downstage, an old rattan chair probably salvaged from a nearby dump.
The street is to the left. The sound of children playing can be heard.
JUANITO, a thin gangling boy of 12, still in shorts, sits on the rattan chair, balled up tightly like a bomb, looking despondently at the children playing in the street.
NENITA, a growing...

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