the day i broke my arm

the day i broke my arm

The Day I Broke My Arm

Lorie Benincasa

English 111


Descriptive Narritive

Benincasa ii


Thesis: That day ribing my pony changd my whole summer.

I. I couldn’t wait to be the next barrel racing champoin.

A) would feel like a star
B) would get a trophy
C) get to sleep in the barn
D) eat from the chow tent

II. Impatiently waiting for Saturday to come

A) day dream of winning
B) Imagined every step my pony took
C) drew diagrams of barrels in the dirt

III. Father gives advice

A) very supportive
1. kind
2. Good looking cowboy

IV. Practice all I could

A) tried to get faster
1. Cutting corners tighter
B) wind blowing in my face
1. Dirt fliny through air

V. Night before big event

A) father puts me to bed
B) gives me advice
1. You can win

VI. Day of event

A) load trailer
B) drive to event
1, seems forever to get there

VII. Arrive at event

A) get signed in
1. Get number
2. Get stall
B) unlead trailer
C) practice...

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