The Day I Got Lost

The Day I Got Lost

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Alexander Piroumian
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The Day I Got Lost

1. In the day I got lost there was a man whose name was Professor Shlemiel. Professor Shlemiel is a very forgetful man; he is constantly misplacing and forgetting to pick up his belongings. On his birthday he forgets where he lives so he calls his friends but there all at his party. He befriends a dog and a friend finds him and he goes home.

2. One theme of the story is that if you’re adult it doesn’t mean that you don’t do childish things. Professor Shlemiel would always forget where he put his belongings and would usually never find them again. This shows that even though he is an adult he sometimes does childish things. This also shows that he isn’t the best person to lend your things too. As a result, Professor Shlemiel meets a new friend bow wow and gas a good life.

3. What did you like or dislike about the Literature selection?

I liked how professor Shlemiel met a new friend and how he’s so smart yet he forgets the easiest things. For example, grabbing his briefcase out of the back of the taxi as he gets out or leaving his umbrella somewhere. Overall, I thought that this was a very good story.

4. What questions do you have for the author?

There are a couple of questions I have for the author. For example: What inspired you to write this story? And are you like this or were you like this? These are some questions I have for the author.

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