The Deal

The Deal

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WASHINGTON: Terming the Indo-US civilian nuclear deal as "unique to India and not a model to replicate", a senior Bush administration official sai

d the United States is committed to cooperate Pakistan in enhancing its energy needs but "a civilian nuclear deal with it was not on the table".

"We are absolutely committed to working with Pakistan on its energy needs. And during the strategic partnership meeting we had with the Foreign Minister and others who were here, we talked about Pakistan's energy needs. We talked about how to improve the cooperation," Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, Richard Boucher said during a Roundtable on Pakistan recently.

The transcript of which was just released by the States Department.

Pakistan's energy problems are also balanced by its energy potential - a lot of that is in coal; a lot of it is in hydro power, in some of the mountainous areas of the country; a lot of it is in alternate energy wind farms and other things down by the Macram coast, he added."So we are going to help Pakistan, work with it on its energy potential which has a uniquely Pakistani character. We really need to reinforce our efforts and Pakistan side want us to do more. We would try to step up our cooperation," he said.

When asked about "nuclear cooperation" with Pakistan, Boucher said the Indo-US civilian nuclear deal was India- specific and should not be seen as some kind of a model that could be replicated elsewhere.

"It is just not on the table. The agreement we have with India is unique to India, not a model for anything else," he said, adding when a kid turns on the light bulb to do his homework he does not really care if the light comes from coal, hydro, nuclear or whatever. He cares that the light bulb goes on.

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