the death of minor

the death of minor

Year 10 GCSE English Language CCA – Narrative Writing

After half term, Year 10 will be doing their first Controlled Conditions assignment in English lessons. This is a 1 hour assignment for GCSE English Language. It requires students to write a piece of narrative ( a fictional story or autobiographical story) which will be assessed for writing skills such as accuracy of spelling, paragraphing and sentence punctuation, using a range of sentence types and varying these for effect. Students will also be assessed on how engaging and entertaining their narrative writing is – how it creates setting and atmosphere, characterisation, the plot and how it is structured and the choice of vivid and imaginative language.

Although no notes, plans or drafts are allowed during the writing of the assignment, students are encouraged to have planned and drafted beforehand so that they can write fluently under test conditions. It is not permissible that this is assessed in advance by the student’s teacher, but students can share their ideas with friends and family and get informal feedback at home.

The choices of title are:

• My Most Special Moment (first person only)
• Valentine (third person only)
• Write a story about a situation where a person is put into danger or a difficult situation (third person only)
• A story that begins with the sentence – ‘She realised it was a mistake as soon as she turned the corner.’ (third person only)
• The Test ( can be written in first or third person)
• Hero (can be written in first or third person

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