The Defense Logistics Department Roles in Coordinating Logistics Support

The Defense Logistics Department Roles in Coordinating Logistics Support


The Defense Logistics Department was established to meet the needs of logistics services in the three aspects of Operations, Training and Administration. It plays a role in joint planning, development, policy making, personnel training, movement and transportation, coordination and management of logistics resources in the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF). This department is headed by the Assistant Chief of Staff Logistics Defense also known as ACoS J4 with the rank of Brigadier General or equivalent. It has four main roles in supporting the Forward Operation Base (FOB) and charters for each are as follows:

1. The Logistics Policy Branch. The main role includes responsibility in
the drafting and reviewing logistics policies in all three services covering the areas of personnel deployment/redeployment and transportation, material resources and equipment, engineering, supply and other logistical support services.

2. The Logistics Assistance Coordination Branch. This branch is to
coordinate all logistics management tasks and financial management for the MAF headquarters and all the tri-service units under it.

3. The Team Logistics Computer System. Among the main roles of the
team are to coordinate the logistics database and organizing the Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) training and courses for military personnel.

4. The Petroleum Reserve Project Team. This team is working with the
local oil company in coordinating the lodging of MAF fuel stockpiles during peace or in emergency with the assistance from the Petroleum Experts Regiment.
However, execution of the joint logistics is not as easy as what we can see on the paper. Most of these roles are executed adhocly and still in the ‘learn as you do it’ process.

This essay will firstly address the joint logistics problems occurring in the Malaysian Armed Forces on operational and tactical level – the Forward Operation Base. Following this will be the options...

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