The Development of Emotional and Social Groth During Early Childhood

The Development of Emotional and Social Groth During Early Childhood

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The importance of a child’s emotional and social growth highly depends on the close relationships with people; specifically with their families during the early stages of their lives. It is vital for the child’s personality and social growth. In a research done by Sure Start and an SDA target has shown that if emotional development is fostered at a young age, children are more likely to settle well into school, work co-operatively, confidently and independently and to behave appropriately. A child with poor social and emotional development is at risk of poor relationships with peers, academic problems, of later involvement in crime, of developing physical health and adult mental health problems. This essay will discuss about how parents, caretakers and teachers can prevent potential negative emotional problems among children, how they can push it towards the positive direction, what can be done to improve a child’s emotional and social development when they go to school and also a little on the emotional development in disabled children.

Parents can start to mould their children’s attitudes to the appropriate direction where accepted by the society as early as when the child is newborn but this report will only focus on early childhood where the children are around four to six years old. First of all, the presence of certain people is important as they can make a child feel loved and well-taken care of. Without parents’ love, a child is pushed towards the assumption that their parents are rejecting them. According to Saul (1979), the end goal of medicine is prevention. For psychiatry this means the prevention of all kinds of emotional disorders which may result in man-made misery.

Some families practice the discussions of feelings with their children at home. This helps to promote the child’s understanding of his own and as well as other people’s feelings and emotions. The key to a child’s emotional and social development is the relationship between the...

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