The Difference Between CS Series And Hp Series Cone Crusher

The Difference Between CS Series And Hp Series Cone Crusher

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Description: HP series hydraulic cone sand making machine gained widespread attention since it is introduced to the market. HP series cone crusher and CS Series

spring cone crusher have a lot of aspects in common. But there are significant differences in terms of the spindle and regulating devices.
HP series hydraulic cone crusher since market-oriented by the majority of users of all ages, gained wide attention. While the CS Series spring-efficient cone crusher

market did not freeze. CS series cone crusher is developed based on laminated crushing principle an efficient, high-energy spring-type cone crusher, HP series hydraulic

cone crusher is based on the spring cone crusher on the development of a new the cone crusher. Here we will do a comparison between the two, to explore what’s the

Differences of crusher machine :

Spindle diameter HP series cone crusher is larger than CS, its carrying capacity correspondingly larger than CS. CS cone crusher deflection force at both ends of the

spindle by the bearer and is driven by the upper end of the movable crushing cone. The lower deflection driven by eccentric. The spindle has an elongated configuration,

when the deflection force is too large, the spindle may have a bent or deformed. Thus greatly reduce the life of the machine, operating costs will increase. HP series

multi-cylinder hydraulic spindle is not moving, the deflection force by eccentric from the central spindle to carry, there is no need to use both ends of the drive moving

cone crusher stone, so stubby spindle bearing capacity greatly increased. Due to its high load capacity can achieve full feeding, and can use lamination principle, stone

crusher in the crushing cavity, and squeeze each other simultaneously, broken while shaping effect, it is a very good feed grain type.
Adjusting device has differences:

Adjusting device CS Series spring cone crusher is mainly composed of fixed pulley and...

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