The Different Between China and Western Countries

The Different Between China and Western Countries

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Suihua University Graduation Paper

The Different between China and Western Countries at Preschool Level

Student name XuCong

Student number 200751628

Major English

Supervising teacher KongFanXing(Associate Professor)

Suihua University

In the last few years, with the development of dietetic education has stricken root into the hearts of the people, the preschool level education has been a hot spot of society, in which tens of thousands of families' vital benefits and urgent need lie. The preschool education key point lies in the home education, the parents is child's first teacher. Because, good family preschool level education is closely related to children's quality and behavior, and related to the future of our country. At present, the situation of preschool level education is good, large number of parents and schools have created successful experience, even many parents study the preschool level education knowledge initiatively, the educational idea has undergone the profound change. Nevertheless, the preschool level education is still a weak link, particularly, As the Western educational thought is penetrating through the East and facing the traditional and modern thought about preschool level education, the Chinese parents are torn between the two choices. Therefore, developing preschool level education is either an opportunity, or a challenge. Moreover, Chinese and the Western preschool level education each has its own good points, but in different aspects, the educational methods are different, so we need to understand the differences between Chinese and Western preschool level education, make up for one's deficiency by learning from others' strong points, and push forward the preschool level educational modernization instantaneously, in that case, China will have the inestimable prospects.
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