The Digital Divide

The Digital Divide

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The digital divide is the term used to describe the information technology gap between different people. Whether these people are in a different country or living down your street, and this gap exist for many different reasons. Such as: technological, economic, social, geographical, fear of technology, lack of motivation etc…

First I will look the economic problem, and how this affects the divide. This is a more global view of the divide, which concerns the country’s economy that you live in. for example, the UK is a very wealthy country any most of the inhabitants have access to the internet and other technology’s. However is you look at third world country’s such as Uganda an other African country’s you will see that they are very poor country’s and the people that live in these such country’s have basically no access to the internet or any technology of any kind. This is largely because the people cannot afford the technology and also because some of these countries are in turmoil with corrupt governments that will not provide the people with the technology they need, or the Internet coverage. This is a real problem, because without these technologies the people in the country will not be able to help them selves as most of the technology they need is vital for their education and chances of earning money.
“Information technology is extremely cost-effective compared with other forms of capital. Modest yet key investments in basic education and access can achieve remarkable results. Estonia and Costa Rica are well-known examples of how successful IT strategies can help accelerate growth and raise income levels”
Kofi Annan

So without international support this problem will never be fixed. Also in these country’s another major problem is the lack of power which will be needed to run this technology, for example most of Africa has no electricity, and quite a lot of the places that do have electricity in these countries say that it is unreliable, an there...

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