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the doctor

The Outsiders: Paragraph 1

Option #1: How is Sodapop, Darry, or Dally characterized at the start of The Outsiders?

Key Trait: _________________________________
Definition of that trait:

Option #2: How does one of the following Greasers—Ponyboy, Darry, Johnny, or Dally—show that he is a hero. Include your own definition of hero, and be sure to explain how the character, in his own way, meets your definition.
Definition of hero: A hero doesn’t have to be someone with a cape. A hero can be anyone who help people or even just helping the places around us.


SENTENCE: Darry put aside living life for himself to become a father figure to Ponyboy and Sodapop, which in my eyes makes him a hero.

How to present your evidence (3-4 sentences for each piece of evidence):

Context (1.Who is speaking, 2.What is happening/What has led up this moment? 3. How is the example relevant to your topic sentence?
Quote (don’t forget your citation! i.e. page numbers!
Analysis/Explanation Be sure to make sure you connect to your topic sentence!

Evidence #1: Darry fears that Ponyboy and Sodapop will get caught by the fuzz and sent to a boy’s home. He tries to make sure the boys understand the importance of there relationship. “We‘re all we got left. We ought to be able to stick together against everything. If we don‘t have each other, we don‘t have anything.”(150) Although Darry is only 20 years old, he needs his brothers as much as they need him. He wants his brothers to think how their actions can tear their family apart.

Evidence #2:
Pony believed that Darry bossed him around and was stricter on him then Soda. Pony and Darry would fight a lot and that made Pony feel not wanted. At one point Darry showed his emotions by crying when he thought Pony was really hurt. Pony saw on Darry’s face something he never noticed before. “Darry did care about me, maybe as much as he cared about Soda, and because he cared he was trying too...

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