The Earth Keeps Spinning 12

The Earth Keeps Spinning 12

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My World

The Earth keeps spinning; round and round and round. No wonder nausea prevails and I feel sick as this mere movement accelerates. I can not feel it though, nor see it, yet the rotation still seems to have an adverse effect on my life.
The world keeps spinning; round and round and round-- but the world and the Earth are not the same. The world is merely an individual's interpretation of the Earth and the qualities ascribed to the Earth by the people. And in the midst of a disastrous financial crisis, terrorism and extremism, and a clash of civilisation, it is the world that keeps spinning; it's a world gone mad.
This constant spinning has led to heavy confusion in my mind, now spinning. What had a greater effect, the spinning of the Earth, or the spinning of the world?

Millions of years ago, the Earth had just one supercontinent; one block of land with no separations. Pangaea. As the clock ticked and tocked, the Earth kept spinning, and this shell of land began to break apart, like a jigsaw puzzle being pulled from all ends.
After generations and generations, people were born into the Earth where there are now seven, distinct locations with distinct climatic features, distinguished peoples, and an enormous amount of different cultures formed over time.

This separation within the Earth had little effect on the Earth itself, besides its physical structure. The world, however, ceased to exist. There are now seven worlds; seven distinct locations with no connection between one another.
The Earth is still spinning, but the world spins faster. There are no tangible lines drawn within the seven continents, but there seem to be walls within these places; walls which filter understanding. Socialisation takes place in each of these isolated crusts of land, yet their differences in what is valued and believed in each world is vastly different.
There seems to be no willingness or desire to accept or cooperate with one from a different world. As a...

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