The Effect of Integrated Circuit

The Effect of Integrated Circuit

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Integrated circuit and effect on our lives
Robert Dryer
University of Phoenix
GEN 300
Dr. Michael Gottlieib
October 19, 2008

Integrated circuit and effect on our lives
Integrated circuits (Microchip) have brought on the most changes in the Americans lives. The integrated circuit “a tiny complex of electronic components and their connections that is produced in or on a small slice of material (as silicon).”("Integrated circuit, 2008, ¶ 1) The intergraded circuit the most important advancement in technology in the United States. Will show supporting facts and examples of why the integrated circuit has been so important in the United States.
Examples of why
Reading this essay would be impossible without the introduction of the integrated circuit. The computer displays these words because of integrated circuits, Medical advancements have been increased because of how technology is increasing every day on the integrated circuit. EKG’s perform diagnostics of patients’ hearts, by using integrated circuits which has 100 million elements onto a nanometer-sized chip. (USCD JACOBS, 2006, p. 1) A piece of technology that has been improved due integrated circuits is the cellular telephone. If wasn’t for the integrated circuit, the cellular phone would never came to be the new appliance that everyone walks around with today, most every thing electronic device made today has incorperated a integrated circuit for cost and size. The manufacturing of the automobile everyday would be impossible without the integrated circuit. Robots and computized conveyers and all the computers that make up the current automoble, with Electronic fuel injection, Cruise control, GPS and many other components that are used every day by members of United States.
The findings that the integrated circuit, the most important pieces of technology in this country since the wheel. Without the...

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