The Effective Media of Communicating

The Effective Media of Communicating

Which of the following media of communicating information is/are most effective:

- commix, books

- films

- radio

- TV

- theatre ?

In this modern world people have access to all media which is available today.The main medias include ,television,radio,book,comics,news paper,theatre and films.

By looking deeply in any three of these media we could find many advantages as well as disadvantages.Firstly television has got a versatile position in the society. Televisions are everywhere,from every houses to shops and even it is available in bus and flight. Television brings news from different parts of the world. The main advantage of TV is people can watch as they listen.Television is an entertainment media. There are many programmes are available for different age groups.On the other hand TV afeects peoples health. By continuous watch of TV causes many eye problems. And it distracts childrens attention from their study.

Secondly radio plays an important role in the society as a special media.Radio have hundreds of news and music channels.Radio is much more convenient than television. It does not need large space to fit in.Because of the less weight we can carry it anywhere so it is possible tolisten as we go.One disadvantage of radio is there is no visual image.

Finally the books.Books are more comfortable and convenient than any other media.we can carry it any time with us as it is not so heavy.Books helps us to increase our knowledge.There are many libraries available everywhere ,so we can collect books from there.

In my opinion television is the most effective media for communicating information.Because it brings auditory as well as visual information.

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