the effects of ICT

the effects of ICT

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The Effects Of ICT
ICT has affected many ways we live today. Now we can sit at a computer and communicate with people like never before. However due to this there are also many security issues present due to hacking. Another problem is piracy, in which people make illegal copies of copyrighted items. In the text to follow you will read about these pros and some cons of ICT.

Software copyright
As I mentioned before many software items are copyrighted. This means that the item or electronic can’t be reproduced without the owner’s consent. This is one reason of piracy, many people take copyrighted items like CDs DVDs and films and make reproductions of them. Due to this there are many strict laws on piracy. A few items about copyright are stated below.
It is not legal for a person to make a reproduction for selling of software
Renting software without permission is illegal
On many items of software there will be a terms you must agree to

One of the cons of ICT, viruses are programs with duplicate itself. These viruses are designed to cause harm to the computer by attaching itself to certain documents. Viruses can infect themselves on emails, and illegal software. Another problem is hacking, hacking is the act of gaining access to a computer without consent. Many do it to harm or even steal certain information. Below I have shown the dangers and what is done to stop these efforts.
A virus can cause a computer to crash
A virus can corrupt or erase files
The can be prevented by antivirus software, firewalls and using safe software
Hacking can be used to steal information
To prevent hacking use firewalls, and difficult passwords

Impact on employment
Nowadays, employers have been using high tech computers and robots to help in the jobs. Certain jobs have also been created as we went further into ICT. Below are some of the areas, we use ICT in.
In Car manufacturing, robots have...

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