The Effects of Immigration Has on People

The Effects of Immigration Has on People

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English- Journal Entry 2

Illegal Immigration
I am reading 'Walk in my Shoes' and it focuses on a family that had to illegally immigrate to Australia because of the war in Afghanistan and as they did it illegally they were put in a detention centre in Western Australia. In this journal entry I will be focusing on immigration and the reasons why people immigrate and the effects it has on people.

Illegal immigration occurs when someone crosses a national border which in some way violates the immigration laws of the certain country in question. It Is very dangerous but sadly a lot of people feel the need to do so as a way of escaping either a war stricken country or a need to escape from personal issues.

There are many reasons why people have to illegally leave the country they are living in such as war, population growth, dangerous situations or poverty etc.

War is one of the main factors in illegal immigration as people feel threatened and endangered, they feel like they need to escape to feel safe. In some countries people fear persecution, abuse or arrests if they were to stay so it is safer to leave. However once they get to another country it is quite possible that they will be taken to a detention centre where they will under go many interviews and question sessions to find out if they are ligit and not going to cause any danger. This can be a very long process, and as I read my book, a couple of days turned into a couple of months. My book talked about what it was like, what they ate, the interviews each family member had to sit through and how they had to stay strong as a family to get through the tough times and try and stay sane. The family in my book found the interviews hard as the had to re-live the war they had escaped from and the people close to them that had died.

When there is war, there is danger, where there is no war there is still danger. Illegal immigration is very dangerous if you are caught. It can lead to slavery arrest or...

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