The Efficient Human Resources Management Tool

The Efficient Human Resources Management Tool

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Conclusion and Opinions
According to the articles we agreed that job rotation is one of the efficient Human Resources Management tool. Job rotation can make benefit for both firm (employer) and employee itself.

Job rotation can make employees learn more as the article suggested that “the more an employee moves, the more he learns”. As mention that Employee should be more wide range of experiences and knowledge in sufficient depth of many functions as successfully. As the more employees rotate that means they have learns more as increased knowledge and develop abilities of learning skill in a level of each position. Especially for the junior and middle level employee, job rotation is one of the tools for preparing them to be promoted in the future.

Job rotation can motivate employees who become bored and tired because of they have to performing the same tasks for a long time. To make them learn a new job, it could stimulate employees to perform good jobs, and it can make work more interesting. In another way, it can be said that job rotation can be a practical solution to employees who lack of motivation because job rotation can increase job satisfaction which is one of the benefits of job rotation.

In addition the firm can learn more about its own employees and found the job or position that an employee is best at then improve the allocation of jobs among employee and each time to employee should be rotate. It means that as much as efficiency in job rotation, the more benefit to the firm also.

However, before employers make a decision in term of job rotation. There are several factors which they have to take into consideration such as firm characteristics, workforce characteristics, and personality types. For example; what type of the firm, skill of employees suitable or familiar with new job, new job after rotation help to improve employee work performance both short term and long term.

The critical part is the right duration to hold one job or...

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