The Egypt Game

The Egypt Game

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The Egypt Game is about two girls named Melanie and April and three boys named

Marshall, Ken, and Toby they all play together in the Egypt Game. The character that I am going

to write about is April. If you like a snobby, wanna be girl, you would probably be interested on

her. But if you don’t, well all I can tell you is that she will change at the end.

In the beginning of the book April was mean and selfish but later she begins to

change. Her name was April Hall, but she often called herself April Dawn. She was taken away

from her “beautiful and glamorous mother” Dorothea, and sent to live with grandmother. April

didn’t know much about her grandmother so the whole situation was scary to her. When her

neighbor Melanie went to visit April, was surprised. April’s hair was stacked up in a pile that

seemed to be more pins than hair. She had black and bushy eyelashes and her left eye was higher

up in a different direction.

On chapter fifteen April feels left out and disappointed. April had been in a bad mood

since she received the letter that her mother had mailed her from Hollywood. The letter was very

cheery and chatty, and it said that Nick (the mother’s agent) and Dorothea had gotten married.

She moved to Nick’s tiny house, and that meant that April could not move in with them. April

doesn’t really like her grandmother but that day, she gave her a kiss on her head lightly and she

rubbed her shoulders. She could like her grandmother but she doesn’t want to like her because

then she can go back home.

I like April because she is a good person and when it comes to Egypt, she really enjoys it

and she becomes friends with Melanie. She gets right into the book and now April and Melanie

are starting an Egypt game. April doesn’t want anybody to ruin their friendship. She changes at

the beginning of the book April was selfish, but when April and Melanie play the

Egypt Game she...

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