The End Core

The End Core

Alexis McGraw
Fundamentals & Concepts of Agriculture
21 October 2013

The U.S Department of Agriculture Missionaies

Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services
Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services helps to keep America's farmers and ranchers in business as they face the uncertainties of weather and markets. They deliver commodity, credit, conservation, disaster, and emergency assistance programs that help improve the stability and strength of the agricultural economy.
· Farm Service Agency (FSA)
· Foerign Agricultural Service (FAS)
· Risk Management Agency (RMA)
Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services
Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services works to harness the Nation's agricultural abundance to end hunger and improve health in the United States. Its agencies administer federal domestic nutrition assistance programs and the Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, which links scientific research to the nutrition needs of consumers through science-based dietary guidance, nutrition policy coordination, and nutrition education.
· Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (CNPP)[->0]
· Food and Nutrition Service (FNS)[->1]

Food Safety
Food Safety ensures that the Nation's commercial supply of meat, poultry, and egg products is safe, wholesome, and properly labeled, and packaged. This mission area also plays a key role in the President's Council on Food Safety and has been instrumental in coordinating a national food safety strategic plan among various partner agencies including the Department of Health and Human Services and the Environmental Protection Agency.
· Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS)[->2]

Marketing and Regulatory Programs
Marketing and Regulatory Programs facilitates domestic and international marketing of U.S. agricultural products and ensures the health and care of animals and plants. MRP agencies are active participants in setting national and international standards.
· Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS)[->3]

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