The Ending

The Ending

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Urban Decline
Urban Renewal

In my essay I will be defining the word urban decline and urban renewal and also discussing some of the impacts they have on the people and the environment. I will be talking about some forms of urban renewal and which one I find the most suitable and will be concluding my essay on how people respond to undesirable urban renewal
What is Urban Decline and Urban Renewal??
Urban Decline is the decrease in population because of factories, shops and offices moving to outer suburbs while Urban Renewal is the redevelopment of old urban areas with new buildings and improved infrastructure.
For example…Marrickville is an inner suburb of Sydney to the south-west of the CBD. It experienced urban decline when factories closed or moved to outer suburbs such as Campbelltown. In 1960, there were over 900 factories in Marrickville, but by the 1970’s most of the larger factories had closed.
This caused an increase in unemployment and resulted in a decrease in population from 98000 in the 1970’s to 78000 in the early 1990’s.
Some forms of Urban Renewal are:
Government policies promoting urban consolidation and medium density housing
The attractions of an inner city lifestyle, including existing infrastructure such as transport
The availability of redevelopment sites. Old building suck as warehouses have been converted into apartments or offices.
The most suitable form I found was old building such as warehouses being made into apartments or offices because if these old warehouses were to stay around they will probably collapse and cause some damage or pollution to the area.
Therefore individuals, groups and governments respond the undesirable urban renewal by holding rallies, protests, strikes and by trying to enforce new laws to prevent urban renewal from happening.

Majed Zreika

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