The Environment Argument

The Environment Argument

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The envviroment/ argement propsing a solution 49

The Environment Argument

There are a number of environmental problems afflicting our entire planet. This global environmental problem is of growing concern and needs to be addressed immediately. As globalization keeps persisting, and the earth’s intrinsic processes change locally existent problems into worldwide issues, only a few niches remain untouched by one or another great environmental problem. Every environmental problem has one or more triggering factor and many negative consequences, but more importantly, an answer. Spreading awareness of these issues and responding to them swiftly, and without any hold ups is essential to successfully deal with these problems on a worldwide scale.

Loss of Biodiversity

The various forms of life on earth, the different ecosystems, and the enormous diversity of genes in the species, is collectively referred to as biodiversity. Biodiversity is important because it increases ecosystem productivity and ensures continuation of the species. In August 1999, Environment New Service reported “the current extinction rate is now approaching 1,000 times the background rate and may climb to 10,000 times the background rate during the next century, if present trends continue [resulting in] a loss that would easily equal those of past extinctions.” (qtd. in Shah).

This loss is mainly due to overexploitation of species or because of changing and degrading habitats. Introduction of foreign species can lead to invasion and loss of the native species.

Biodiversity contributes to many aspects of human well-being, like providing constant supply of raw-material or even contributing to health. Biodiversity provides many benefits to humans and its loss has several negative effects on the various aspects of our lives, like food security, susceptibility to natural disasters, and energy security (GreenFacts n. pag.). A step towards solving this problem is...

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