The Eventual Goal of Management

The Eventual Goal of Management

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My career plans entail the eventual goal of management of an American based manufacturing business
and I feel that the course work offered at the Robert Morris School of Business will provide me with the advanced leadership and managerial skills necessary to business enterprises. I am confident that the complexity and diversity of course work offered will provide me with a comprehensive understanding of organizational models and marketing strategy to better compete in the global market.

My immediate goal after receiving my MBA is to work for a manufacturing firm that will allow
me to gain enough exposure to the global business market to help enable American based companies
to compete more effectively in the global market without losing jobs to foreign countries. I believe
that this move would help me further enhance my learning of the necessary management concepts I will need to succeed. Attending the university will prepare me for the actual situations I will face in the corporate world.

I have been impressed with the quality undergraduate education offered at Robert Morris University and feel the same quality will be found in your MBA program. I will completed my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.B.A.) degree with a concentration in accounting in the Fall of 2008, and have made the decision that pursuing a graduate degree would be more advantageous than pursuing an entry level job in the current business climate.

The MBA program at Robert Morris is unique in many ways that are important to me. I am impressed with such courses as "International Business" and "Economics Foundations for Decision-Making" which would be very useful in my future career endeavors. Furthermore, my undergraduate education at Robert Morris University has convinced me that your MBA program will give me an invaluable experience of learning, deeply-rooted relationships and personal fulfillment during the time of my attendance. I believe that entering...

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